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Welcome to Gillian Anderson Network, the newest place on the web for all things Gillian Anderson. You probably know Gillian best from her role as Dana Scully on The X-Files and most recently in Hannibal and The Fall. The aim of Gillian Anderson Network is to bring you all the latest news on Gillian and her career. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me
Posted by · admin on Feb 10, 2016

I’m so sorry for the lack of updates but life just spirled out of control. I’m going to do my best to get the site caught up but it’ll take a bit of time. For now I have captures from the first four episodes of XF season 10. All all UHD and logoless. Enjoy!

        • Television > The X-Files > Season Ten (Revival) > 10.01 My Struggle
        • Television > The X-Files > Season Ten (Revival) > 10.02 Founder’s Mutation
        • Television > The X-Files > Season Ten (Revival) > 10.03 Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster
        • Television > The X-Files > Season Ten (Revival) > 10.04 Home Again

Posted by · admin on Sep 7, 2015

Now that I don’t have to concentrate on transferring the site anymore, I had time to go through and cap the remaining episodes of Hannibal. Season three captures are now complete.

Gallery Links:
        • Television > Hannibal > Season Three > 3.10 …And the Woman Clothed with the Sun
        • Television > Hannibal > Season Three > 3.12 The Number of the Beast Is 666
        • Television > Hannibal > Season Three > 3.13 The Wrath of the Lamb

Posted by · admin on Jun 12, 2015

Sorry they’re a little late, I was having trouble uploading them. HD screencaptures from the season three premiere of Hannibal have been added to the gallery.

Gallery Link:
Television > Hannibal > Season Three > 3.01 Antipasto

Posted by · admin on Mar 24, 2015

I find that I like the uncluttered look of the site updates when I do just one massive gallery update post instead of one every time I add something. Makes it easier to find news and interviews/article updates. That being said, since I was without internet access for a while this update was put off meaning I’ve added quite a bit of captures since last time. I updated The Fall Season One with DVD captures and Hannibal Seasons One and Two have been changed to blu-ray captures, everything else is new.

Gallery Links:
        • Television > Hannibal
        • Television > The Fall > Season One
        • Television > Great Expectations
        • Television > The Crimson Petal and the White
        • Television > Any Human Heart
        • Film > I’ll Follow You Down
        • Film > Last Love
        • Film > Sister
        • Film > From Up on Poppy Hill
        • Film > How to Lose Friends & Alienate People
        • Film > Straightheads (Closure)
        • Film > Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story
        • Film > The Mighty Celt
        • Film > The Mighty
        • Film > Chicago Cab
        • Film > Princess Mononoke