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Welcome to Gillian Anderson Network, the newest place on the web for all things Gillian Anderson. You probably know Gillian best from her role as Dana Scully on The X-Files and most recently in Hannibal and The Fall. The aim of Gillian Anderson Network is to bring you all the latest news on Gillian and her career. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me
Posted by · admin on Feb 25, 2016

Gillian was nominated for two Saturn Awards and both The X-Files and Hannibal were nominated as well.

Best TV Actress for her work as Dana Scully
Best Supporting TV Actress for her role as Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier
Best SciFi TV series (The X-Files)
Best Action/Thriller TV Series (Hannibal)

Here’s the video announcing all the TV category nominees.

Posted by · admin on Jun 27, 2015

Fans of The X-Files remember Dana Scully as an intellectually rigorous, science-minded investigator of the supernatural possibilities, skeptical (aliens? proof please!) yet open-minded about far-out possibilities (including God), and passionate about truth, justice and the man with whom she shared an intimate rapport on multiple levels. So much to discuss about what’s inside the mind and heart of this extraordinary and complex woman – and yet what fans really want to talk about right now is what’s on top of her head. Because fans also remember Scully for her red hair, yet the pictures they’ve been seeing so far from the set of the event series revival of the seminal sci-fi series show a Scully that is more strawberry blonde. They’ve been equally fixated on the fact that the actress who plays Scully, Gillian Anderson, is wearing a wig instead of dying her hair. Such is the fraught reality of being a pop culture icon. Love ya, Scully! Don’t ever change, Scully. DON’T. EVER. CHANGE.

Anderson is aware of the scuttlebutt about the hue of Scully’s locks and her choice to wear a wig, and she admits that it makes her want to pull her hair out just a tiny bit. “There’s a big dialogue about my f—ing hair,” she says with a laugh and sigh. “We shot in downtown Vancouver on our second day during the lunch hour, and there were 9,500 people sitting around on their phones taking pictures and videotaping us, and someone Tweeted a close-up of the net of my wig. ‘She’s wearing a wig!’ … I appreciate their enthusiasm, but goodness me!”

When EW visited the set of The X-Files on June 15, the sixth day of shooting, Anderson said in a follow-up conversation that adjustments are being made. (“It’s getting redder.”) But why a wig? Anderson explains that a few days before shooting, she went to dye her hair red (“I was really looking forward to it”) only to be warned that she was risking a catastrophe if she did. Which is to say: Baldness. Her television work of the past year – NBC’s Crisis and Hannibal; Britain’s The Fall – required different colors and looks, and her hair took a beating as a result of all that wear and tear. “My hair started falling out last year,” she says. “We were in the middle of doing The Fall and they actually had to stop using tongs and hot rollers because it was literally coming out in the hair dresser’s hand.”

Anderson was told that her hair would probably survive a summer of red dye, but going back to blonde – which she would have to do for the third season of The Fall, shooting this fall – would most likely cause her hair to fall out. “The guy I use to do my hair was like, ‘You must be out of your mind [to dye it]. You have no idea what the end result will be,” she recalls. “So yeah, unfortunately, it is a wig.” And it’s a good wig, she insists. Made by fancy wig makers in London. But it hurts. “Oh my God, it’s like wearing a vice on your head,” says Anderson. “I mean, every day, I have a whopping headache. And so I’m paying for that decision. I want all the fans to know that I’m suffering for the red!” Or at least, something very close to it.

You can find the original article at EW here

Posted by · admin on Jun 26, 2015

Gillian Anderson analyses her reflection while looking down the lens of the camera and drawing her self-portrait on an iPad. Through this intimate process she reveals her thoughts about her perception of her own beauty, her insecurities and how fame has affected her.

Posted by · admin on Jun 26, 2015

The next scene I wanted to touch on is the 20-minute interrogation scene, which became a great power play between Spector and Stella. How did you approach that crucial sequence?

I thought that it was exquisitely written. How did I prepare for it? I mean one always intends to be entirely off-book, but with something like this, it’s really important to know 100 percent that you are off-book and can follow the rhythm of the scene from beginning to end without interruption. When we did a rehearsal of it, it was clear that Jamie felt the same way because we were able to do the 11-and-a-half pages straight through. What was fascinating about the process was that because we haven’t sat face-to-face in scenes before, it was as much about the actors dancing as it was about the characters dancing and observing each other, sussing each other out. We both lightly got into…predatory is the wrong word, but it’s almost like two cobras facing off. A cobra and a mongoose or something. It was something about that, and because it’s such a quiet scene, and we end up very grounded in our bodies but also very much in each other’s space. It had that kind of heightened sense to it. It was so much fun to play, and also to see how good Jamie was and could be.

With so much talk of The X-Files going around, it’s nice to visit one of Gillian’s other roles. Hopefully voters will listen and nominate her for an Emmy this year.

You can read the whole interview from Yahoo TV here.